Guidelines for use of the
Faure family in South Africa - family tree.

The easy way to start is to click on "Getting Started" above.
This is the screen that will display:

  1. At least a Name (maked 1) and/or Surname (marked 2) is required. Other information is optional.
  2. This Search button will bring up a list of every person on file with names that correspond with your entry. (see below)
  3. You can close the tree at any time, and return to the website by clicking on the Home button

In this example, we used the names 'Pieter Hendrik FAURE' and a list as shown below was generated by the tree.
To assist you in finding the correct person, the list also display the date of birth (sorted from oldest to most recent) as well as the place of  birth (if known to us).

Click on the name to open more information. In our example below, we have selected #6.


What you will be presented with is all the personal information of the individual selected.  Names of Parents and Children are active links to those individuals. Click on names should you wish to know more about them.


Please note the following:
1. Photo. This is only displayed if we have a photo of the individual. We would love to have more. Please forward to us if available.
2. Notes. This tab will only show if we actually do have more information which may be of interest to you. Your contributions will be appreciated.
3. The tabs to Ancestors and Descendants have more interesting info. Try them. 
4. Click on Home at any time to exit the tree and return to the website.